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Your Personal Any Time Teller

Blackhawk Area Credit Union's PATT audio response system puts financial information and transactions at your fingertips anytime, anywhere through the convenience of a touch-tone phone. You can transfer funds, make loan payments, see if a check has cleared, plus much more 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even if you're out of town, PATT is ready to conduct transactions in complete privacy and security. To access your account with PATT service, all you need is any touch-tone phone, your member number, and secret access code. There's no need for lengthy instructions because PATT "talks" you through the entire process step-by-step. You just push the buttons on your phone to enter the information requested.

PATT Instruction Guide

  1. Dial 815-273-3007 or 1-800-500-PATT (7288) Listen for PATT's greeting.
  2. Enter your member number.
  3. Enter your secret access code.
  4. To conduct business, PATT will lead you through the various selections.
  5. To end call, simply hang up.

Helpful Hints for PATT

  • For security purposes, do not keep your member number and access code together. If you should lose or forget your number, contact the credit union for a new one.
  • PATT is only accessible from a touch-tone phone or a dial phone with a touch-tone converter.
  • If you're unsure of your BACU member number, check your periodic statement or contact the credit union.
  • When keying in a dollar amount, the last two numbers will be treated as cents (i.e. 500# would appear $5.00)