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Payroll Deduction

Many area businesses offer payroll deduction to BACU. Have your loan payments and savings deposits deducted directly from your paycheck. A great way to build a savings account, IRA, Christmas or Vacation Club!

Ask your employer if you are eligible for BACU payroll deduction!

Employer Information

Are you an employer with offices in the Illinois counties of Carroll, JoDaviess, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson or Whiteside? Would you like to offer your employees an appreciated, low-cost benefit? BACU payroll deduction could be that benefit.

Here's how easy it is to establish a BACU payroll deduction program:

  • The credit union provides your company with all of the necessay deduction forms.
  • The interested employee completes the deduction form, indicating the total amount he/she wants deducted from each paycheck. The employee also lets the credit union know where the deduction should go -- savings, checking, loan payment, etc.
  • The credit union's deduction appears as a deduction on the employee's paycheck.
  • Your company sends the credit union a check for all deductions, plus a listing that could be as simple as the employee's name and total deduction amount:

The credit union would like to meet with your employees to explain what services and programs BACU offers. This could be done before shifts start, during monthly employee meetings or at any other convenient time.

For more information on payroll deduction as an employee benefit or to schedule a meeting with a credit union representative, contact us at 1-800-526-0579 or email us at